Registers of other heritage organisations

Mobile Heritage
The FVEN has joined the MCN (Dutch Foundation Mobile Collection). MCN manages the NRME (National Register Mobile Heritage) which includes the subregisters of the sectors water, rail, road and air. Please refer to NRME and for further information.

The National Agency for Cultural Heritage (RCE) provides an overview of the mobile heritage in its Heritage Monitor. Please refer to all mobile heritage and vessels.

Maritime Digital
Maritime Digital is the collective database of a number of maritime museums, where data can be found about objects and literature located in these museums. Please refer to vaartuigencollecties.

Vessel registers in Europe
On the page of European Maritime Heritage (EMH) a list can be found of the many registers of ships in other countries. Please refer to Registers / Boatlists.

WIKI registers
A number of ships on the RVEN register are also described on Wikipedia, they are incorporated in the ships of: Wikipedia. Photos of many more ships are included in the central photo-database of all the Wikipedias in the world; Wikimedia Commons. For various vessels from the RVEN register, please refer to Wikimedia.

Europeana is a portal site on which one can find digitalised collections of European cultural and scientific institutions. There are already 50 million objects which can be found via Europeana. Please refer to Europeana.

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